Contributions are welcome! If you have idea or opinions on how things can be improved, don’t hesitate to let us know by posting an issue on GitHub or @ing us on the Meraki or Riot API Discord channel. And we always want to hear from our users, even (especially) if it’s just letting us know how you are using Cass.

As a user you get to ignore the details and just use the features of Cass. But as a developer you get to dive into the nitty-gritty and pick apart the implementation that makes everything work. If you don’t want to dive too deep, you can likely contribute even without knowing all the details. You can read more about how Cass works here, and you can find opportunities to help by looking at our issues that are tagged with help-wanted as well as looking at the list below.

If you have an idea but aren’t sure about it, feel free to @ us on Discord and we can chat.

Things we need help with!

  • We current don’t support the tournament API but need to.

  • Very few methods / properties have doc strings. While not glorious, it is an incredibly helpful thing to do and you will quickly learning all the pieces of Cass.

  • In the previous version of Cass, we used regex to pull item stats from tooltips, because the static data is missing a significant number of stats. The old code can be found here and needs to be ported to this version of Cass.

  • We want to support Redis and Mongo databases in addition to those we already support. To do so, new datasources should be added (along side the Riot API and the in-memory cache) to support these databases. This functionality should be added to our cassiopeia-datastores repository.

  • We have some very basic tests in place, but a thorough testing of all attributes of all objects would be extremely helpful.

  • Some data from the api is available through Cass (via the Champion object). The remaining data should be added as well. You can find the relevant code in the plugins/championgg directory.

  • Implement better logging.